Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Style

Yes, I know it is fashion week.  And yes, I know I haven't done one runway entry thus far.  There are two reasons for this:  1. I like to wait until all the shows are done and pick my favorites, and 2. THE OLYMPICS ARE ON!  I am a bonafide Olympic addict. I can't miss a single event. Since last friday, my apartment has become messier and messier, my friends ignored, and my diet has consisted of anything I can make/order without leaving my television for more than the time it takes for one commercial break.  Luckily, the Olympics are only every four years.  Team USA has some major style thanks to Ralph Lauren, Burton, and Nike.  I especially enjoyed the moose knit hats for the opening ceremony and the classic cardigans.  The snowboarding uniforms were also a highlight.  I loved the preppy plaid and patched jackets, not to mention the board pants are treated with denim.  Awesome.


Kurt, Nicole, and Addison said...

I LOVE the denim looking board pants! Thought that was such a cool look!!!! I don't think any other country has it either!!! It just added to Shawn White's coolness!!

Grandma Jean said...

I think you must have been born to be a Pepperell -- we do love our Olympics!!!!!

kpepperell said...

Olympic uniforms at their best! They really outdid themselves this time around. I love it all! The snowboard gear was very creative!!