Thursday, December 9, 2010

Back in Action!

Hello there!! It's been a while! I'm so sorry about the embarrassingly long hiatus!!!!  After the big move from Chicago to New York it took a few months to settle in and catch my footing. It has been a total whirlwind!! I am working a couple days a week at a fashion PR agency and it has been so great, I'm learning so much!  I am working with a great new line called R.P.S that is launching for Spring 2011!!  It will be available at Fred Segal, Lulu's, and RevolveClothing.  
Here are a few pictures of their first collection...Enjoy!


Grandma Jean said...

I had almost given up checking your blog, but you know me!!!!!! I never gave up!!! Glad you are back!!!

Mom Pep

Kurt, Nicole, and Addison said...

Proud of you Missa!