Monday, October 26, 2009

Coffee Black and Egg White

So... my mom came up to visit me this weekend.  I love it when she visits because all we do is shop, drink coffee, and go out to restaurants. So much fun!  Anyway, during our shopping excursions I noticed that I was being drawn to everything black, white and grey.  I mean, everything I touched seemed to be void of any color. Dresses in black, skirts in grey, tops in white... I was beginning to think that my style had turned bland until I saw this spread in the November issue of Vogue Paris.  A sigh of relief came when I noticed, besides the brightly colored background (LOVE the MJ mural), all the pieces where in black, white, and silver.  Beautiful pieces too!  So it's not just me... so relieved! :)

Photo: Vogue Paris via cartoonstyles

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